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Louise Price

I'm available for dates in Birmingham, Manchester and London. Book me now so we can spend some quality time having good clean fun ;-)
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Louise Price

Age: 27
Eye colour: Blue
Hair Colour/Style: Long brown
Height: 5ft 8 inches
Body Type: Slim
Smokes: Never
Sexuality: Straight
Client Orientation: Men Only
Availability: Evenings
Cities you are willing to travel to: Birmingham, London, Manchester
Hi I’m Louise.
One thing I absolutely love is animals which is why I pursued a career as a Veterinary Nurse.
I’m probably happiest when I’m doing some kind of sports. I try to go swimming as much as I can as I’m training to do the Great North Swim next year. If I’m not swimming I’m probably boxing and if I actually have some time left I’ll be Rock Climbing.
I basically go to work so I can afford amazing holidays all around the world but I love spontaneous weekends away as well.  
I love meeting new people and trying new things and would consider myself as great company.


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