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Hi, I'm Angel, a young professional with a lust for life. I have a soft sweet side and a raunchy wild side and easily adapt, you pick ;)
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Age: 28
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Style/Colour: Dark Brown, Ombre, blonde
Height: 5 ft 7
Clothes Size: 10-12
Weight: 67 kg
Ethnicity: Mixed, Turkish & English
Where you live: United Kingdom
Accent: Northern England
Languages Spoken: English, Some Turkish

Client Orientation: Men & Women
Availability Days\Times: Most evenings and weekends. 24 hour notice usually required but if I am free I will oblige.
Cities you are willing to travel to: London, and surrounding cities if plenty of notice is given.


I love being around new people and exploring new places. I particularly like learning about different cultures - especially the food! I like to see the lighter side of life and have been told that my best qualities are the way I make others feel when I'm out with them and my ability to make connections with practically anyone. Time is a precious thing, it's important to spend it happy.
My interests include:
- Gym & Weight training
- Food - Mainly clean eating but a lover of all food and enjoy trying new things
- Music – Eclectic mix of pop, dance, rock, soca and more but anything with a good beat will get me dancing.
- Tattoos and piercings
- Reading – Fiction (Drama and Horror), Psychology, graphic novels
- Scrap-booking, journalling, languages, drawing, modelling and photography
- Dancing, shopping, fashion
- Films and Art galleries
- Theatre, opera and live concerts
- Culture festivals, live DJ sets and special events
I am fairly easy going and adapt well. I am open minded and believe in trying to see the best in the situation if things don't go to plan! I'm up for learning new things if you have an interest you want to share.
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