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I am available weekdays, evenings and weekends in London, Guildford, Southampton, Portsmouth, Croydon, Epsom and Woking. Please contact me at:
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full head of salt 'n' pepper hair
6' 1"
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Women Only
Days, Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends
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London, Guildford, Southampton, Portsmouth, Croydon, Epsom, Woking,
If you have something to say, I want to be the one to indulge in it. I’m mad for a lengthy conversation about almost anything. If it’s something I’m not well-versed on, then that’s even better! I will always generate an opinion where it’s needed, but most importantly I am impartial. I’ve been told I have a very wise sense of humour and a good outlook on life as a whole. 
I am currently going through a phase in life where I am looking for any reason to get me out of the house. Whether that is for something I am used to and comfortable doing, or for a completely new reason…then I’ll jump at the chance. I’m all for spontaneity and trying my hand at a new experience or food and I’d love for you to give me the chance to. 
Badminton is a huge passion of mine. Some of my other lusts in life include travel (and lots of it!!), cycling and tennis. Lastly, skiing gives me the greatest feeling in my life. Whenever the subject comes up with a fellow skier…the conversation doesn’t stop! I have recently begun to take an interest in cooking, what with the saturated cook-book market being thrown in our faces. 
Music-wise…I have a soft spot for electronica, the 80s (not just U2 and The Police), prog-rock, indie, classic rock and some classical numbers, especially on a piano. I’ve been trying to teach myself to read music to get me back to the days when I used to be a dab-hand on the violin. That and attempting to improve the understanding of my German and French. 
By booking me, you will be booking someone that is whole-heartedly intent on making our time as pleasurable as possible. Some of the experiences we could share include; work functions, dinner dates, Thames-side walking, bowling, theatre/plays, comedy, bike rides, gigs/concerts, any extreme sports and beginners classes in anything your heart desires. These are merely things that I have enjoyed in the past. Book me and give me an insight in to what gets your juices flowing and let’s show one another a great time together! 
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