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I am available during weekdays, evenings and weekends in London, the UK and Europe. Hourly rate + £150 WOMEN ONLY Please contact me directly at:
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London, u.k europe


I have many keen interests and desires including studying psychology acting and welding restoring an old van of mine, freedom long journeys short journey and holidays going overseas and seeing the world natural places and the new faces,

I enjoy making new memories with new people and making people laugh on occasion at life's absurdities, although ask me to say a scripted joke and it will be terribly guaranteed. although as right now is the only thing guaranteed I can be quite a spontaneous person with travel work and before a moment seems to pass I like to go for what I want without hesitation 

I love Italian food like olives oranges and the food of the sunny climates. This is why I love traveling and visiting new markets music and cultures soaking up the native's traditions and language when in Rome. 

I am very kind and playful and believe nothing is too important to get into a sweat about if anything is important to me it's my close friends and family as the water of the womb is thicker than the blood of the covenant or your friends and immediate colleagues are your family and your family are your friends I like to leave people if I can in a better way I found them.

I enjoy the creative arts and courses art galleries and I enjoy photography the rich history and structure of the city of London sightseeing and  I like to run my own ancient tour guide of London unique and for special occasions. 

I think a smile can say the most about a persons life and communication doesn't always happen with words. 

I enjoy building and creating films and videography with artistic photos

I like working with my hands and creating sculptures out of raw metal welding and manifesting artworks

I enjoy swimming and regular exercise at the gym football and boxing also passionate about board sports

I love music to listen to and play I co-produce with a friend making songs.

I am interested in health and nutrition although not restricted by diet

I enjoy the theatre although have only tried the cafe at the Royal Albert Hall

if you pick me you will get a genuine fun guy, down to earth fun guy a whale of a time, belly laughs and a whisk away to fine dining or some high-end event

I enjoy the fine things in life and frequent saunas and spas also enjoy a massage and giving a deeply relaxing shoulder and back massage

I little go on the trampoline or rock climbing centers.

whether its a fun or relaxed time all I can promise is you will not forget it

I enjoy live music events like Spanish or world music and rock

I have a great sense of balance and can teach some board sports although if there's something in mind you'd like to try I am open to ideas

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